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We talk about perceptions and feelings, that's what we truly want you to experience throughout the process of interactions with Colonial Gemstones, and our stunning gems. That's why we want to tell you about those 10 things we do to improve your experience when buying Gemstones Australia!

Since I founded my company, I have always been very clear where I was going, and of course, the approach I had to take to reach the goal. Very soon I realised that precious stones, and especially emeralds, were much more than a product, and therefore, everything related to their commercialisation, should be handled with excellence. I understood that I not only sold natural emerald rings, but I also sold sensations!

In reality, emeralds are very special stones, and for centuries, they have given meaning to many moments of our lives, turning them into pleasant experiences, which in the end, would become memorable memories.

And I want your entire purchase process to be memorable, that's why in the following lines, I will tell you how through the years, we have been improving our methods to meet your needs and in the end, put in your hands, one of the most beautiful and valuable in the world.

Evolution at Colonial Gemstones!

1. Customer journey!

It was a great challenge, but in the end, we managed to understand that each of you is different and therefore has different needs and expectations. Understanding each buyer was a learning process, but that opened the door to other subsequent actions, aimed at customer satisfaction.

The first thing we seek is to establish a personal relationship, one-on-one that allows us to build a close relationship, a friendship with our clients. If we create a bond, it is easier to welcome each person with kindness and respect.

We pay attention, because when people are "known", it is more feasible that we can "understand" them, and when we understand them, the better we serve them!

2. How do we affect the senses, feelings or ideas of our clients?

According to Bernd Schmitt, the client receives 3 types of impacts throughout the "customer journey", sensations, emotions and thoughts.

Each of these impacts must be positive and pleasant, and we achieve this with a product of the highest quality, which is pleasing to the eye and the touch. Many of our clients agree with us that there is nothing more satisfying for our senses than the sensation produced by perceiving the beauty of the gemstones Australia.

At that point, without a doubt, a sea of ​​emotions comes, and we know that being able to surprise you, will give you joy and satisfaction and that you can feel proud of your jewel, is for us the reason for our greatest emotions.

Finally, that rational moment that exists in every purchase comes, and we focus on answering all your questions, helping you in your calculations, comparisons and clarifying the concepts that you may not know.

3. What resources do we make available to our clients?

We understood the importance of having the necessary tools to facilitate your experience when buying emerald jewellery in Australia. First, we have evolved in the digital field, creating a digestible and easy to navigate web page, with which you can make an optimal investigation of the territorial and ethical origin of our emeralds.
With better management of corporate image, we reinforce our visual identity, in order to have a better memory in the minds of our clients, which helps them identify our strengths and weaknesses, and we generate greater interaction, always in the interest of improving service…

Now we create clearer and more concrete ads, in which transparency is the fundamental axis of our marketing process. We have declared war on misleading advertising, and that is one of our banners.

And to close, we offer specialised and personalised attention, not only from me as CEO and founder, but also from other specialists who intervene during the traceability process of our gems, miners, cutters, designers, etc.

4. What are the moments of truth?

Business leadership writer Jan Carlzon said in his book, "The Moments of Truth", that a client has, in principle, approximately 15 seconds of interaction with company employees, to largely define the perception of the quality in the service you are about to receive. Something like the saying that goes, "There is only one chance to make a good first impression"...

They say out there that the passenger is known by the suitcase, and the little details, those that are our moments of truth, are for us at Colonial Gemstones Australia, vital so that you can know us as we really are, attentive, kind, willing, friendly and collaborative. Details that we even carry until the after-sales moments.

5. We understand your value expectations!

It is at this point, when we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, we give a blackout to our ego, and we light the flame of empathy. One of the most difficult things in this whole process is to be able to have a dual perspective, that is, to alternate perspectives, to exchange the vision and be on the corporate side, at the same time that we take the client's side.

Believe me when I tell you that I have reached a point where I even exceed my expectations of my clients. If for example, you want to buy a pair of emerald earrings in Australia, at Colonial Gemstones Australia we make it possible so that you do not have to travel to a producing country, we advise you from the beginning, and we accompany you until the moment you try on and light up your jewel for the first time.

To what extent am I willing to meet all the expectations of my clients? Are there levels where it doesn't pay me to get there? Not! We will go where we have to go.

6. We focus on everything that depends on us…

Some things cannot be changed, and others that can, therefore, defining them is vital to offer the best service. In the “customer journey” there are 3 very important elements. Those who depend on the market, those who depend on the client, and finally, those who depend on our organisation and people in direct contact with the client. We focus our attention on this last element.

We constantly create strategies, procedures, designs, new products, improve the objective quality level of the service, invest resources in digital communication, etc.

We believe that attitude is fundamental, staying motivated, helps motivate the client, keep us updated, helps inform the client, stay active, helps strengthen the client and keep us skilled and trained, helps to satisfy the client.

7. The attitude "CX first" is the protagonist!

This is the part called "customer experience", which arises from the interaction we seek with our clients. If you must get something out of all this, it is a pleasant experience. We seek to go beyond the graphics, we want our staff to understand them and know the value of good care and that you enjoy it, that your purchase process is truly a pleasant and restful trip. We want to release you from the pressure. When you interact with us, you create the most favourable circumstances for yourself.

8. We create emotional connections…

A high percentage of each purchase is emotional, we buy more with passion than with reason, and therefore, we are sensitive to your emotions.

These are questions that haunt us hahaha! How do my clients feel? Why do they remember us? What are our moments of truth remembered by the client? Have we managed to satisfy the specific need of our client? It's what we call, service empathy!

9. Training of our staff!

Selling natural emerald jewellery in Australia is easier said than done. "Listen to the customer", "sell consultatively" or "say no assertively" are mandates that are institutionalised in most companies, but few of them actually train their employees to be able to fulfil them.

In which competitions have we been trained to enhance the “customer experience” and make it memorable?

Receive, welcome, and positively dismiss the client. Build rapport and build institutional and personal trust. Manage complaints, claims and difficult clients. Understand the needs that the client does not always know how to express. Communicate verbally and non-verbally. Communicate through different means and finally, verify your level of satisfaction.

And finally…

10. We focus on what we make a difference in.

Who focuses upon everything has, in fact, no focus. One specific design for an emerald ring will not always make ALL customers completely happy, that's why we try to stand out in quality, bringing to Australia the best natural and ethical Gemstones Australia , and about all, our approach to corporate social responsibility.

Do you think that by buying some of the emeralds from our catalogue, we could give you a pleasant experience? Leave us your opinion in the comment box!

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